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Why did Coca-Cola, Unilever and Garbarino seek us out for their digital transformation?

YOPDev offers companies the «start-up concept» to launch products that serve the everchanging needs of their current clients

Android Excellence: Congratulations to the newly added apps and games

Kicking off the new year, we’re excited to welcome our latest group of Android Excellence apps and games. These awardees represent …

Via receives a YOPDev investment

Via CSC, a business launched from the fusion of Via Indicadores and CSC.educ, received an investment from YOPDev Argentina, who became a new business partner.

If you have a good idea, Arcor, Coca, Quilmes and Telefónica are listening: the reason why they are looking for you for their business.

YOPLABS changed their from YOPDev to emphasize that beyond softwared development, their focus is on «integrally incubating new digital businesses».

Adapt to change: 2019 will be the year of digital transformation

"If a company wants to achieve digital transformation, everyone should speak the same language. It is the only way to ensure it", affirms Federico Giesenow, Managing Partner at YopDev.

Bagó created Labbi for neighbourhood pharmacies

The company who took the lead in empowering neighborhood pharmacies was national laboratoy Bagó. The company launched Labbi, a platform exclusively for professional use that aims to strengthen the system of promotional transfers.

Bagó: risks and disruption

Juan Cruz Forgioni works in Bago's General Management area and forms part of the new innovation team, which is committed to tackling major challenges, such as the renewal of a conservative industry.

More laboratories with e-commerce for pharmacies

One of the companies to take the first step was Bagó with Labbi, a B2B platform designed exclusively for pharmacies, which was launched in July of last year.

How much does it cost to design an app to win sales?

Global app market generates revenues of more than $100 billion annually
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